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Caminando Juntos
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

Caminando Juntos, meaning walking together, is the name of the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters' ministry among the Hispanic people in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area. This ministry began in 2002 and continues to grow as the population of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area becomes more diverse. In 2009, Sister Carmen Hernandez joined the staff at Caminando Juntos. Her ministry involves teaching English as a Second Language, tutoring individuals for citizenship tests, participating and executing a women’s domestic abuse support group, facilitating volunteers for the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, making referrals, filling out forms and responding to other social service needs.

The items below represent actual needs of Caminando Juntos.

$ (Your choice) - Use this donation in the area of greatest need
$15.00 - English/Spanish dictionaries for Latino men and women to learn English
$19.00 - Picture dictionaries and student workbooks for Latino men and women to learn English
$50.00 - Provide Cinco de Mayo celebration for students and staff
$75.00 - Books and materials for Latina women’s domestic abuse support group
$150.00 - Applied toward monthly utility bill (Latino seasonal workers without steady income)
$550.00 - One month’s rental assistance for a family who recently moved to Sioux Falls and are looking for employment
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