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Presentation Lantern Center
Dubuque, Iowa 

The Presentation Lantern Center, a drop-in center, offers hospitality, educational opportunities and advocacy to women and children, striving to better their lives. Newcomers from around the world strengthen their language skills and meet new friends. Sisters James Marie Gross, Corine Murray, Dolores Moes and Rene Laubenthal, along with other volunteers, provide one on-one tutoring for those learning English and preparing for the citizenship test.  Presentation Lantern empowers visitors to be advocates for themselves and their families, and helps them connect with other community resources. 

The items below represent actual needs of the Presentation Lantern Center. 


$ (Your choice) - Use this donation in the area of greatest need
$20.00 - Oxford Picture Dictionary or other educational resources
$25.00 -  Citizenship test study materials
$75.00 -  Sponsor a multi-cultural social or special activity
$150.00 - Scholarship for on-going English education at a community college
$240.00 - Eight affordable visits to the community health center
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