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Excel, Inc. Program
Okolona, Mississippi 

A lack of education extinguishes dreams and goals. In 1994, Sister Jean Ann Meyer began serving as a teacher for the EXCEL program in Okolona, Mississippi. The EXCEL program opens doors of knowledge through educational services and programs for children and families. Sister Jean Ann ignites a light that burns forever in the eyes of children.

The items below represent actual needs of the EXCEL program.

$ (Your choice) - Use this donation in the area of greatest need
$15.00 - Award-winning children’s books
$20.00 - Provide afternoon treats for a class
$35.00 - Monthly scholarship to After School EXCEL for 1st to 12th graders
$50.00 - Monthly support for GED program for one child or adult
$125.00 - Summer EXCEL experience (five-week program for one child)
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