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Aurora House
Weslaco, Texas

Aurora House recognizes dying as a normal part of living. Its mission is to provide compassionate care for persons with terminal illness, allowing them to approach death with dignity, comfort and peace. Since 2007, Sister Therese Corkery has ministered to the terminally ill and their families at Aurora House. Sister Therese, one of six caregiver, keeps the residents comfortable and as free as possible from pain and anxiety by listening and talking to the residents and their families, praying with the residents, changing and reposition the residents, giving medications indicated by Hospice Nurse, cooking meals, feeding the residents who are unable to feed themselves and keeping the home clean. Aurora House operates solely on the generosity of donors.

The items below represent actual needs of the Aurora House.

  $ (Your choice) - Use this donation in the area of greatest need
$15.00 - Provide an afternoon treat for residents
$25.00 - Cleaning supplies
$50.00 - Provide a massage for a resident/family member
$75.00 - Housing for patient’s family
$100.00 - Groceries for one meal for staff and residents
$500.00 - Sustainable efforts (Current need is a eco-friendly hand dryer for restroom)
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