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Light a Lantern

Presentation sisters strive to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice in the United States and Bolivia. Some Presentation sisters minister among the poor earning little or no salary. These ministries are partially or totally supported by generous donations. You can bring light to many places throughout the United States and Bolivia.

How to Light a Lantern:

When you light a lantern, your donation will go directly to your selected ministry and greatly impact those living in poverty. The items selected represent actual needs in programs and activities that further the mission of the Presentation sisters.

Choose the Ministry you'd like to Support

Presentation Lantern Center

This drop-in center, offers hospitality, educational opportunities and advocacy to women and children, striving to better their lives.

Excel Program, Okolona, MS

The EXCEL program opens doors of knowledge through educational services and programs for children and families.

Presentation Bolivian Mission, South America

We brighten the lives of Bolivians by coordinating education, housing initiatives, and assistance with documentation and evangelization.

Mission Support

Contribute to a fund that provides living costs for Presentation sisters who minister in positions directly serving the poor and which provide little or no compensation.

Aurora House, Weslaco, TX

Aurora House provides compassionate care for persons with terminal illness, allowing them to approach death with dignity, comfort and peace.

Caminando Juntos, Sioux Falls, SD

Caminando Juntos is the name of the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters' ministry among the Hispanic people in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area.

Fund a Sister's Ongoing Education

Contribute to a fund that allows a sister to further her education by engaging in on-going study to enrich her ministry.

Roll over each ministry for a brief description. To offer support to a ministry, drag Nano Nagle's lantern to the ministry of your choice, then release it.

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