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Jenni McCarthy & Rob Woodin

Jenni McCarthy and her husband, Rob Woodin, share their personal connections and experiences with the Sisters of the Presentation. Their continued support of the Presentation community is impacting people all over the world. They truly are making a difference as partners in mission.

“Some of my fondest memories are of visiting my aunt, Sister Beth Driscoll. She taught me and my sisters about the importance of family, how to play music (although my piano skills are a little rusty today!) and that the candy jar at the convent was always full,” expresses Jenni. “As the niece of one of the Sisters of the Presentation, I’m lucky enough to count all the sisters at Mount Loretto as part of my ‘extended family!’ My college years in Dubuque (living far from home) were that much better for knowing I had a welcoming community just around the corner.”

Sisters Creating a Presence
Jenni remembers the Presentation Sisters throughout her school years, “As far back as I can remember, the sisters have been present in my life. I grew up in Mason City, Iowa, and went to Newman Catholic Schools, where my aunt was the music teacher. Both Rob and I have a passion for music. We were both lucky enough to grow up with music in our families.”

The presence of the sisters created impact on Jenni’s lifestyle from a young age, “In and out of school, the sisters always provided me with moral and mental support. Sister Rita Cameron was my high school guidance counselor. She always gave me sound advice and taught me valuable life lessons.”

“After Hurricane Katrina, my aunt moved to Louisiana to help those displaced by the catastrophe. During one of her visits to Iowa we were sitting at the dinner table and she was telling us about her work there. I was impressed by the courage my aunt exemplified. Some areas of New Orleans, Louisiana, were not the safest place to be but the sisters had a “no fear” attitude. The sisters went in strong and fearless to help in soup kitchens, shelters and to walk the streets to help those in need. These stories told by my aunt and other sisters inspire me to do what I need to do. The sisters’ brave acts of kindness and compassion remind me of a modern day Nano Nagle.”

“I will always be proud of Sister Beth moving to Louisiana to assist with those in need after Hurricane Katrina. As I’ve grown up Sister Beth has lived in Chicago, Illinois, throughout Iowa, New Orleans and in many other places, which has shown me how she and the other sisters have connections all over the world. I want to morally and financially support the sisters’ impact for the causes they support and serve.”

Partnering through Giving
Recent editions of Presentation Doorways affirmed Jenni and Rob’s feelings about what the sisters are doing to make an impact and why they are called to partner with the sisters through giving. “When I receive the quarterly publication of Doorways, I read about how the sisters are making a difference in the communities they work in. Doorways is a great physical reminder that it is time to make a donation to support the sisters whom I care about and the impact they are making on society.”

In making a gift, Jenni chooses to make donations the modern way, “The opportunity to make online giving is great. I found that it is quick, easy and accessible. Also, making an online donation creates sustainability by reducing the amount of paper sent out, reduces postage costs and the possibility of my donation ‘getting lost in the mail.’ When I make an online donation, the gift is immediately transmitted and gets into the hands of those in need as soon as possible. I even have the option to create recurring gifts which will make a monthly impact on the causes the sisters serve.”

Making a Difference
“There are a lot of worthy causes in the world, and we had to decide where we could make a difference. We wanted to give to an organization that we have a connection with and that has a connection with us and our values. We give to the Sisters of the Presentation because we have a personal connection.”

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