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Tammy Cox

As a niece to Sister Kevin Cummings, Tammy Cox shares her story of a relationship maintained from afar. Growing up in South Carolina, who would have thought Tammy would be so close to the Sisters of the Presentation. Many memories include family interactions with Sister Kevin, and the kindness and radical hospitality received while visiting Mount Loretto. As a partner in mission, Tammy’s unconditional support is deeply appreciated and the sisters are grateful for her continuous support.

Tammy’s interaction with the sisters began at a very early age. “The Presentation Sisters came into my life by way of my paternal aunt, Sister Mary Kevin Cummings. My Dad ensured our relationship with Sister Kevin by frequently vacationing in Iowa and having Sister Kevin stay with us during our summer beach vacations and other family events.”

Remembering When
Tammy recalls, “What I realized about Sister Kevin throughout my life was her sharp intellect and deep Catholic faith. She shared her work of her ministry, like the Presentation Lantern Center, with us. There was never a dull moment with Sister Kevin; her inquisitive nature and willingness to share what she’d learned almost brought me to the convent! At the very least, it strengthened my faith.”

Impact on my Life
Sister Kevin instilled the importance of kindness and education in Tammy as she was growing up. As a partner in mission, Tammy conveys the impact Sister Kevin made on her and why she is a partner. “Her, Sister Kevin’s, sacrifices – and the sacrifices of the other Presentation Sisters – have made my life richer. I may not have become a religious sister, but I did become an English teacher! I give thanks, in part, to Sister Kevin’s poetry and definitely her love of teaching.”

Tammy recollects her visits to the Presentation Motherhouse. “When Sister Kevin moved to Mount Loretto, I was fortunate to live close enough to visit, as my husband, Sam, was in the military and stationed in Illinois. Spending time with her and getting to know the other sisters will be something I’ll always remember. Their graciousness and inclusiveness made my stays there enjoyable.”

Making a Difference
“My hope in contributing to the Sisters of the Presentation is the continuous aid and love they provide to others in need – just like our Sister Kevin.”

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