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Corporate Stance on Immigration

In April of 2018, the Sisters of the Presentation and associates affirmed a corporate stance supporting “the implementation of a just and comprehensive immigration policy for the United States that includes a broad-based legalization of currently undocumented persons, providing them a path to citizenship.” A corporate stance is a public statement agreed upon by a majority of the vowed members of the congregation.

The history of the Dubuque congregation began in 1874 with the emigration of Mother Vincent Hennessy and her three companions from Ireland. The women came in response to the invitation of Bishop Hennessy who was concerned for the educational needs of recent immigrants to the Diocese of Dubuque. Thus began a long history of education and service to immigrant families. Today, because our sisters and brothers in so many places of the world need protection, there is an added demand to offer radical hospitality through just and humane immigration policies. Scripture admonishes us: “You shall not wrong or oppress a stranger, for you know the heart of the stranger, since you were strangers in the Land of Egypt.” Exodus 23:9

Pope Francis reminds us, “When we turn our gaze to migrants and refugees, we discover that they do not arrive empty-handed. They bring their courage, skills, energy and aspirations, as well as the treasures of their own cultures; and in this way, they enrich the lives of the nations that receive them.”

The immigration corporate stance summons sisters and associates to make their communities a place of radical hospitality toward immigrants and refugees in both prayer and action.

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