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Our love for God is the driving force behind all that we do. Click the image above to see the many ways we are working to change the world.


Social Justice

As Sisters of the Presentation, we are actively engaged in justice for all persons, as well as in efforts promoting social, economic and Earth justice. As a community, we approach our commitments through the lens of our charism: HOSPITALITY.

Hospitality is expansive. It gathers in the unattended and attends the gathered in. It is who we, as Sisters of the Presentation, are, because our foundress, Nano Nagle, urged us from her deathbed: “Love one another as you have always done.” Nano created a loving environment among her sisters, so that when she died, her wish was that we would continue to be hospitable. Thus it is that Presentation Sisters have sought justice for persons and have been welcoming to new people, new lands, new cultures and new experiences. We gather the unattended in places far and near. We have a lasting legacy - to be hospitable. It is our hallmark. It was our foundress’ dying wish. Thus we view our world and our work for justice though the lens of hospitality.




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