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Nano Nagle Service Award

In the spirit of Presentation foundress, Nano Nagle, and her desire to serve, the Dubuque Presentation Sisters initiate a $1,500 Nano Nagle Service Award to further her legacy of service. Nano Nagle was a young Irish woman who spent her days teaching those who would have otherwise been deprived of an education and her evenings were spent walking through the streets of Cork, Ireland bringing food and medicine, comfort and hope to those in need.  Nano Nagle was a WOMAN of SERVICE.  Her life reflected her own words, “If I could be of service in any part of the world, I would gladly do all in my power to do so.”

Today the Sisters of the Presentation follow in Nano’s footsteps by serving in education, pastoral ministry, chaplaincy and advocacy for the disadvantaged and those made poor throughout the United States and Bolivia.

The Nano Nagle Service Award will be awarded to a person of exemplary service, nominated by a Presentation Sister or associate. This award may be used to further opportunities of service, benefit a service project, help with education related to serving the needs of the poor or in some way aid the nominee in continuing his or her gift of service.

A sister or an associate will fill out a nomination form and return it by April 1, 2020. The nomination papers will be read and voted upon by a committee of sisters and associates. If you are interested in this award, make inquires of a Presentation Sister or associate.

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