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Prayer & Spirituality

photoOur Presentation spirituality is animated by the spirit of Nano Nagle. Nano's whole approach to life grew out of her love for Christ, especially her response to the poor. This love leads us in prayer, faith and service of others.

Prayer, the very fabric of our existence, resides at the heart of Presentation mission. Prayer grows out of spirituality, giving meaning, purpose and direction to a lifestyle that embodies all is holy. Within the fullness of our days, we make time for personal and communal prayer. Our faith and commitment to spiritual lives guides our thoughts and actions and animates our hospitality.

Join us in prayer. Attend Mass at our Sacred Heart Chapel. Come for a day of prayer and reflection. Visit a sister. Walk the grounds. Nourish your spiritual life in the Presentation spirit!

We invite you to share your prayer requests.

We invite you to attend our daily liturgies.

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