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Quest Stories

Hear what volunteers have to say about their Presentation Quest experiences.

My Presentation Quest experience changed my heart. It made me much more aware of the many systemic issues that plague the poor and marginalized.

Cindy Pfiffner, Presentation associate

The service trips that took me to Oglala's Lakota Reservation, inner city Chicago, and Okolona, Mississippi, gave me a new perspective on how our nation's policies about the Native Americans and the African Americans in the past are still keeping these people in the bondage of poverty and discrimination. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to serve. I gained so much more than what little we did for them.

Sister James Marie Gross, PBVM

In the very act of doing service,I forget about myself and my needs and am reminded once again that happiness lies in giving and doing for others. I walk away from each experience enriched by the people I meet and whom I serve. It is in serving that I find myself most happy.

Sister Carmen Hernandez, PBVM

The service trips that I have been on have been very rich blessings in my life. I participated in them in an effort to reach out and help those individuals and communities in need. It was then that I realized that it is "in giving that we receive." In doing so, I have seen the face of Christ.

Becky Searcy, Presentation associate

After having some time to reflect on the process, I so admired the volunteers as we prayed and shared together each morning and especially in the evening when we had more time. Our energy to do all we could to help in any situation was gratifying. The stories we shared were delightful. To take the adult art course and learn new skills and techniques wasn't easy after a busy day of work. However, we had such fun while we tried to develop a new skill. People coming to the One-of-a-Kind store to be able to buy what they needed at such a cheap price humbled me once again. They treasured what was there. It made me think of what I have and how much more I can share.

Sister Dolores Moes

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