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Featured here are our Presentation sisters and associates who have gone before us.

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In Memory of Kathryn Scudella

January 23, 1931 - January 10, 2016

Making her first associate commitment on November 12, 2005, Kathryn Scudella shared her life and spiritual journey with Presentation Sisters and associates, especially those in the Chicago area where she lived. She viewed her association as a way to share with others the faith that had sustained and guided her throughout the years. She highly valued the deep sense of community and the opportunities to grow in faith that she experienced as a Presentation associate. Even as she struggled with Alzheimer’s disease in recent years, she enjoyed participating in associate group gatherings when her daughter, Tina, was able to accompany her.

Kathryn was a beloved wife, devoted mother of four and proud grandmother and great-grandmother. As noted by her granddaughter in her eulogy, Kathryn left her family a living legacy through the resilience, strength, discipline, compassion and love that she modeled so well.

Most assuredly, Nano, along with Kathryn’s husband and other loved ones, is among those who have welcomed Kathryn into eternity. May she rest in peace!

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