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Featured here are Presentation Sisters who celebrate 10, 25, 50, 60 and 75 years in religious life.

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60th Jubilee: Sister Rosanne Rottinghaus

October 9, 2011

<p>Left to right: Sister Anthony Rottinghaus congratulates her sister, Sister Rosanne, on her 60th jubilee.</p>

“Gather the people! Enter the feast! All are invited … the banquet is ready, now to be shared,” words sung as the gathering song for the 60th jubilee Mass for Sister Rosanne Rottinghaus. “Come to the Feast” was the theme Sister Rosanne chose as she celebrated with the members of the Presentation community on October 9 at Mount Loretto.

Sister Rosanne, presently of Dubuque, resides at Mount Loretto and is in community prayer and service. The daughter of the late Joseph and Catherine (Gudenkauf) Rottinghaus, Sister was educated in Catholic schools in Dougherty, Roseville and Charles City, Iowa. She entered the Sisters of the Presentation in 1951 and professed final vows in 1957.

A veritable feast could describe Sister Rosanne’s life of ministry. She received her bachelor’s degree at Loras College in Dubuque and served as music teacher and parish liturgist in Algona, Cedar Falls, Clare, Key West, Dubuque, Fairbank, Humboldt, Marion and Whittemore, all in Iowa, and in Timber Lake, South Dakota. She was also a pastoral associate in Osage, Iowa.

“These years have truly been a blessing for me, my family, my religious community and God’s people whom I have served,” states Sister Rosanne. “I spent the first 35 years enjoying singing God’s praises with youngsters in schools and producing Christmas and spring programs. Working with the adults in parish choirs, community projects, town centennials, ecumenical and fund-raising events were all part of good times.

“During my last 14 years as a pastoral associate I worked with aspects of liturgical music, training all ministers, ministering to the elderly, sick and dying and conducting wake services,” Sister comments. “I found each of these areas very satisfying. People were so supportive and grateful.”

As Sister Rosanne retired from active ministry in 2000, she has appreciated living a more contemplative life and enjoying her sisters in community, especially the elderly and ailing.

“I am grateful for the graces given me to answer God’s call to religious life, to spend time feasting with God and his people.” Praying for continued vocations to religious life, Sister Rosanne shouts: “It’s a great life, girls. Come to the feast!"

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