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2018 Associate Commitments

January 24, 2018

On January 24, Sue Brimmer (right) and Sarah Gieseke (left) became the newest Presentation associates during their Commitment Ceremony. They have spent the past months with sister and associate mentors studying and reflecting on Presentation Foundress Nano Nagle and the Presentation mission.

Sue and Sarah expressed their desire to share in the Presentation mission in this way. Sue reflects, “I am requesting to assist with the sisters’ mission as an advocate for those with little or no options. I’ve always had a desire to serve others, especially those most vulnerable. I also have a passion to assist with health screening, education on wellness and assisting with meeting peoples’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Sarah shares, “I experienced such welcoming openness and above all, presence from the sisters when I first visited here over two years ago. Because, as sisters, you offer this presence to others, listening to their needs and the uncertainties they face in life and in turn, respond with God's light and love in real terms, I wish to be affiliated with you, sisters, and you with me.”

We welcome Sue and Sarah! May their lives be enriched through their participation in the Presentation Associate Partnership.

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