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Featured here are Presentation sisters and associates who commit to living out the Presentation charism.

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2011 Associate Partnership Commitments

April 15, 2011

Six newly committed associates joined 122 other men and women associates in sharing their belief in the mission of Nano Nagle and their desire to foster the Presentation spirit and charism while continuing within their own lifestyle.

On April 15, 2011, Rose Rauch made her first commitment as a Presentation associate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sisters Sheila Ann Dougherty and Annette Kestel mentored Rose through the orientation process. Other sisters and associates in the Cedar Rapids group are Marlene Myers, Ron and Donna Weaver, Lorrayne Rudish, Sister Ann Jackson and Sister Joellen Price.

On May 26, 2011, in the Sacred Heart Chapel at Mount Loretto, five individuals committed as Presentation associates. Sisters Jessi Beck and Joy Peterson conducted the orientation and shared in the commitment ceremony of Stephanie Kronlage, Molly Olberding, Rebecca Derr and Radie and Ben Roberts.

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