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In Memory of Karen Kurtt

February 10, 1944 - April 28, 2018

Karen made her commitment as a Presentation associate on August 9, 2002. She came to know the Presentation Sisters as she was working in the dining room when Sister Jeanine Kuhn became director of American Martyrs Retreat House in 1997. After becoming an associate, she was part of the Northern Lights associate group who prayed together, discussed reading material and helped with projects one of which was cleaning the Stations of the Cross on the grounds of the retreat house.

Karen had multiple sclerosis and as her physical condition worsened she moved to Des Moines where she received help from her family. She kept a positive attitude even though she suffered greatly. In the midst of her suffering, her delightful wit kept everyone laughing. Her little dog was her love and companion especially during her last years. Karen is remembered with love and gratitude for her deep faith, generosity and love for others.

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