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We hope you will explore this area of our web site to read the latest news about our sisters and their ministries, and to learn more about a variety of upcoming events. For more information on any of these news or events, contact Jane Buse, Director of Communications, at 563.588.2008 or info@dubuquepresentations.org.

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The Blessing of the St. Columbkille Prayer Garden and Lantern Dedication

A large contingent of the St. Columbkille community came out May 14, 2017, to mark the completion of the renovation to the prayer garden. A procession including the school choir, first communicants, Sisters of the Presentation, Knights of Columbus, volunteers and others kicked off the dedication. Ceremonies took place in the centerpiece, a decorative cement walk way in the shape of a Celtic cross with a surrounding garden decorated to give it an Irish garden look and feel in honor of the Irish Catholic heritage.

Father Gabriel Anderson, pastor of the parish, blessed the refurbished statue of St. Columbkille placed at the center of the garden and two newly-built statues which stand on either ends of the cross – one of the Holy Family in dedication to the domestic church and one of the Divine Child Jesus with his Sacred Heart dedicated to all children that will pass through the school.

“The students will be reminded that God worked through these men and women and all the men and women that came before us, are present with us and will come after us,” said Barb Roling, the school’s principal, calling the garden ‘a place of prayer and reflection.’ “In memory of the past teachers and administrators of St. Columbkille Elementary School, the Sisters of the Presentation are presented with a lantern to be hung at the entrance of the newly-blessed school prayer garden.”

During the dedication, Sister Dolores Zieser processed in with the lantern, a symbol of the Presentation community, and hung it in place. The Sisters of the Presentation were represented by numerous sisters and felt “honored for recognition in honor of their contributions” to the school and parish. The lantern now adorns the entrance to the garden to light the way for those who wish to enter.

Photo: Sister Dolores Zieser (right) processes in with a lantern and hands it to Barb Roling, principal of St. Columbkille Elementary School. The lantern was later hung at the entrance of the newly-blessed school prayer garden.


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