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Our Mission

photoOur mission, expressive of Presentation hospitality and spirituality, guides our ministry efforts. We promote justice and the alleviation of oppression in all its forms.

As Presentation people impelled by the radical gospel of Jesus 
and on fire with the spirit of Nano, we consciously choose to be drawn 
more deeply into the mystery of God, the mystery of Oneness and
the reality of people and Earth made poor.

Energized by this evolving consciousness we engage in expansive partnerships 
that move us to personal and systemic transformation.

(International Presentation Association 2012 "Directions for Mission" Statement)

In both communal and individual ways, we strive to integrate the three dimensions of creation: interiority, differentiation, and communion.

Toward this end, we, Presentation sisters and associates of Dubuque, choose the following strategies:

  • Intentionally name and claim the work of Presentation people wherever they minister as essentially the mission of the International Presentation Association (IPA).

  • Create space for contemplation and new ways of expressing evolving consciousness of our interconnectedness with all creation, especially with those made poor.

  • Explore ways of ‘widening the tent’ (Is 54:2) to further the IPA mission and identify specific elements of our goals which could be enhanced/progressed by strategic partnerships with people/groups with similar values.

  • Form international working groups when needed, to assist in bringing information and experience from those engaged in grassroots ministry to our IPA personnel at the UN.

  • Enhance communication by using technology creatively to share resources, to promote interest groups and to provide educational material about the work of the UN.  (Adopted 2012)


Sponsored Ministries


The Sisters of the Presentation initiated and sponsor two ministries. We have ministered in Bolivia since 1970 evangelizing, catechizing and providing training which empowers Bolivians to improve their lives. A second sponsored ministry, Presentation Lantern Center in Dubuque, IA, offers hospitality, education and resources to immigrants. 



Presentation Lantern Center
Since Presentation Lantern Center's opening on November 13, 2002, the center's staff and volunteers have listened to the stories of hundreds of new immigrants from across the globe. Presentation Lantern Center is a place of hospitality serving women and their children, especially those who are new in the Dubuque area.  Read More >




Entre Ríos, Bolivia
Entre Ríos is situated in the Bolivian lowlands on the north-eastern foothills of the Cordillera Oriental. The Entre Ríos region is still one of the main settlement areas of the Guaraní people who have inhabited the Parana basin for millenniums. Read More >




Collaborative Ministries


The Sisters of the Presentation collaborate with area congregations of women religious in supporting Opening Doors in Dubuque, IA. Opening Doors serves women and children by providing emergency housing (Teresa Shelter) and transitional housing along with skill development (Maria House).


Opening Doors
Opening Doors, a community service organization initiated by six Catholic women religious congregations in the Dubuque area, offers women, alone or with children, an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Through transitional housing at Maria House and short-term emergency/transitional housing at Teresa Shelter, Opening Doors embodies the values of compassion, respect, affirmation and hospitality. Read More >






With a love, single-minded and unrestrained, each sister witnesses to the power of the Spirit at work in the whole of creation.

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