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Sister Linus Coyle

A Woman of Prayer

After celebrating her 60th jubilee of religious life in the teaching field as a computer instructor in Charles City, Iowa, Sister Linus Coyle came to Mount Loretto in August 2001. When Sister came to Dubuque, she volunteered to work with the sisters in the computer lab. Since prayer is the main priority for Sister Linus, she always scheduled her computer assistance after her prayer time. In addition to offering computer help, Sister Linus also gave her time accompanying sisters to their medical appointments or spending time with them outside enjoying the beautiful motherhouse grounds.

As life continues to change and progress, Sister Linus has asked others for help with her own assisted living needs. Trying to remember the frequent changes in the daily schedule is most challenging at this time for Sister in her retirement. Both hearing and inadequate balance slows Sister Linus down a bit and prevents her from full participation at some events. As Sister Linus states, “We only go through old age once.”

Sister enjoys participating in art and writing classes. Currently Sister Linus utilizes the Internet to keep abreast of civic and religious events.

Sister Linus shares morning and evening prayer and the daily celebration of the Eucharist with the sisters. At other times during the day and night, and even in the wee hours of the morning, Sister Linus makes a difference by her daily ministry of prayer.

After spending many years teaching and in service to others, Sister Linus continues this same spirit in her retirement. She finds enjoyment in Scrabble games, jigsaw puzzles and just appreciating others in their own dedication of doing God’s work here on Earth.

If Sisters Julie Siggelkov and Dianne Michels were alive to give a few thoughts about Sister Linus this publication size would increase significantly. Both Sisters Julie and Dianne would agree that their lives were greatly enriched by living in community with Sister Linus.

In her early formation and the first 25 years of religious life with another religious community, Sister Linus worked with American Indians, Chinese, Spanish and African-American. She readily loved and respected those of other ethnicities and learned to better understand their cultures.

Sister Linus has a special talent and appreciation for reflecting the Word poetically. In the course of one year, Sister wrote a poetic verse about each sister for her day of celebration affirming the contributions of the sister to the Mount Loretto community that she compiled in a notebook for all to enjoy. Each day Sister Linus continues to be drawn by the power of words through her poetry, her prayer and her gratitude for community.


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