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Living the Mission

Decades ago, after an evening out in Paris, a young woman’s life was forever changed when she recognized simply and profoundly that the poor are Christ. What a startling and life-changing realization for young Nano Nagle! From that day forward, alleviating the misery she experienced in the lanes of Cork, Ireland, became her life’s mission. Over 240 years later, Nano’s legacy endures in the hearts and lives of thousands who seek to bring the light of Christ to all, especially those in need. Read about how associates are carrying out Nano's legacy by living the Presentation mission and directional statement in their own lives.

Living the Direction Statement by Associate Billie Greenwood

Supporting Sustainability by Associate Bren Connors

Luminaries Living the Mission by Associate Becky Searcy   

Making a Difference: Joyful Women of the Light by Associate Harry Stanton

Chicago Sisters and Associates Making a Difference by Sister Raeleen Sweeney

North Iowa Lantern Keepers are Making a Difference by Associates Pat Albrecht and Karen St. John

The Lantern Flames - Walking with Nano by Associate Mary Stanton

Garage Sale Offers Experiences of Care and Generosity by Associate Deb McClimon

Engaging Reflection and Contemplation by Associate Bridget Lahart 

Servant Seekers Let Nano's Light Shine by Associate Deb Jasper

What Did She Do When She Knew... by Associate Colleen Vlaisavljevich

Nano's Neighbors Partner to Bring Comfort to Cancer Patients by Sister Louann Doering

Passing on the Lantern Light by Sister Rita Menart

Pope Francis Inspires Associates by Associate Mary Stanton

Presentation Partners Journey with Future Associates by Sister Donna Demmer

Branches of the Word by Sister Dolores Moes

Lantern Lights Let Their Light Shine by Sister Julia Wingert


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