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Knowing Your Call

Reflect upon the following questions to help guide you in determining whether religious life might be a pathway God is inviting you to take. If you answer "yes" to two or more of the following questions, we invite you to conversation.

  • Does becoming a sister excite you? Yet, at the same time, frighten you?
  • Do you wonder what it's like to be a sister today?
  • Have people encouraged you to consider becoming a sister?
  • Does the possibility of a religious vocation keep surfacing?
  • Do you long for a more spiritual life?
  • Do you feel called to give more, to be more?
  • Have spiritual experiences or events made you ponder if you are being called to become a sister?
  • Are you embarrassed or afraid to tell your family and friends you are considering becoming a sister?
  • Do you desire more information on becoming a sister but hesitate to ask?

How will you know if a vocation to religious life is a call for you?

Pray for guidance, for openness and courage to follow your inspirations, to be free from undue influence and fear of change. Pray for the wisdom to know your gifts and talents and use them to serve God and the church. Identify your greatest fears and what you want to hold onto most.

Look at your own history and your past experiences. Gather facts. Consider the pros and cons, losses and gains. Share your findings and get feedback from a friend, advisor or spiritual director. Ask yourself, “Would this life be good for you?” “Will this be life-giving to you?”

Discernment may not always be easy but there will be some confirmation in the form of God's peace. When it comes, you may feel it unmistakably or just have a quiet sense that the choice is right. The correct choice should bring you peace and should be in harmony with your gifts and personality.

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