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Presentation Partners Associate Group

After thoughtful consideration, this associate group has decided to change its name from Handmaids to Presentation Partners. The more they meet, work and pray together, the more they depend on one another. They truly are partners.

Presentation Partners pray, discuss and socialize together. As a result of their meetings, they are able to plan their outreach projects. One of their top priorities through the years has been Sister Jeanette McCarthy’s Guadalupe Celebration on December 12. Each year they have provided wrapped gifts for the men, women, boys and girls of the Hispanic community. The group also contributed to the Rescue Mission for a participant to attend the program, “Breaking Barriers: Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World.” Another contribution was to Sister Paula Schwendinger and the hurricane victims in Florida. Presentation Partners also collected paper products and toiletries for Sister Barbara Rastatter at the St. James Pantry in Chicago and canned goods for the Dubuque Food Pantry. Members of the group have helped with Christmas baskets at the food pantry and a number of other projects.
They have covered a variety of topics at their meetings. Some of the compelling subjects studied and discussed were carbon footprints audit, Monika Hellig’s Guests of God, The Earth Charter, an article on Violence Against Women and more. They watched DVDs about Advent, Lent, recycling and climate change.

Socializing has also been a key component of their meetings. They have always taken time to enjoy refreshments, meals and one another. On several occasions they had potlucks in connection with their meetings. The Presentation Partners, like Nano Nagle, have hospitality as one of their primary focuses in all that they do.

A report about Presentation Partners would not be complete without mentioning Sister Elizabeth Presseller. Sister was the group’s leader until her death. She brought so much to the group: organization, enthusiasm, interest and dedication. She kept them informed and involved. And then there were the delicious treats she provided for the meetings. May God grant Sister Elizabeth eternal peace and joy. The new leaders are Sister Donna Demmer and Barbara Klein.

As the Presentation Partners associate group continues to meet, they know that they need to be in relationship with others in order to meet the broader needs of society. “When two or more are gathered together,” the scriptures say, “there am I in the midst of them.” The presence of God comes to them as they partner and learn from each other what their gifts are that are meant to be given for the life of their group and for the life of the world. They identify with the mission statement of the Sisters of the Presentation which states, “We are called to evangelize, offering hope and love to a broken world by incarnating the hospitality of God, confronting injustice and working for peace.”

Left to right: Back row: Lavonne Kerth, Sister Donna Demmer, Sister Sheila Kane and Jean Foust; Front row: Charlotte Danner, Sister Maria Goretti Dullard and Mary Danner. Not pictured Barbara Klein and Madonna Moeller.

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