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Becoming an Associate

Why Choose Presentation Association?

  • To strengthen commitment to gospel values and deepen prayer life
  • To share more intensely in Presentation ministry
  • To enjoy friendship, prayer, faith sharing, spiritual growth, service, hospitality and celebration
  • To surface collective wisdom in service of God and one another
  • To use personal gifts and talents to serve others
  • To further the mission and dream of Nano Nagle

Who Chooses Presentation Association?

Christian women and men who choose Presentation association resonate with the charism of hospitality. They...

  • Know an individual sister and identify with Presentation spirit and mission
  • Experience mutual support in faith sharing groups, community gatherings, or as co-workers in ministry
  • Participate in Presentation service outreach experience(s)
  • Previously lived as a Presentation Sister and wish to continue relationship
  • Wish to respond more deeply to Christ's mission

The Process of Becoming a Presentation Associate Involves...

  • Formal Application Process (1-2 months)
  • Orientation (6-9 months)
  • Discernment and Retreat (1-3 months)
  • Initial Commitment (1 year)
  • Commitment Renewal (3-5 years)

The initial one-year commitment challenges each associate to:

  • Live out the Presentation spirit of presence, hospitality, compassion for those in need, respect for all people, in one's own individual life style
  • Share one's unique giftedness by participating in the Presentation mission
  • Strengthen gospel values and deepen prayer life by sharing faith and prayer

Presentation Associate Pin
The Presentation associate pin is pictured here. Associates receive a pin/pendant when they make their commitment. It has a very special meaning behind its design. The center of the pin is the same design as the cross displayed on the ring worn by the Presentation sisters to distinguish their congregation. The sisters have extended their ministries to all four corners of the world, represented by the four "arms" of the cross. The Presentation associates encircle the sisters adding support and strength, extending the mission.

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