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Nano's Neighbors Partner to Bring Comfort to Cancer Patients

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The Associate group, Nano's Neighbors, recently completed a project called "Covers for Comfort". Michelle Covey suggested we buy soft, colorful fleece to make blankets for hospital patients, who have long-term stays. Mary Lou Mauss did the shopping for material. Members from the associate group came together a couple of times to trim and tie five blankets for adults and five blankets for children. Sister Rosalyn and Sister Paula stopped by to give some help.
The blankets will be given to Cindy Widmar and her daughter, Katie, who have taken as their personal mission to prepare and send the dry-cleaned "Covers for Comfort" to hospitals and to individuals with cancer when requested.
Nano's Neighbors renewed their commitment on Saturday, October 24 in the chapel at Mt. Loretto. This was a good occasion for a group photo with the colorful blankets. Helen Theilen was not able to attend. The smiling faces show our satisfaction with this project. 

Photo: Front: Darlene Richard, Sister Mary Louann Doering, Betty Allen
Back: Michelle Covey, Karen Freiburger, Clara Ernst, Jeff & Jean Lange, Sister Benjamin Duschner and Mary Lou Mauss

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