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Living the Directional Statement

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Living our Directional Statement seems to come naturally to Presentation people. I see this one in action whenever we’re together:

"Facilitate education and advocacy on behalf of people without options"
I see this happening among us on many levels:

  • Personally. Many of us are directly connected to people without options, and we offer assistance as we can. It’s so satisfying to give help that makes a difference! I can help a computer-illiterate man at the emergency homeless shelter’s computer lab get his out-of state unemployment benefits online. And when I’m reading Community Notes or attending Community Days, I hear stories from and of Presentation people who make a difference across the nation and the globe! The little I do swells a powerful force for good that we create together.
  • As “Ambassadors.” Nano Nagle used her social connections to gain resources for the poor. Similarly, many of us have the advantage of knowing people who are wealthy or powerful enough to contribute to help others. Some of us are gifted at working those connections--be it through soliciting grants, seeking donations or managing a bake, craft or rummage sale--and channelling resources to others without options.
  • Structurally. When we change the system that robs people of options, we’ve made lasting change. Presentation people work as social or political activists on local, national or international levels. Our Presentation connections bring even the United Nations into our lives.
  • Community Involvement. We’re all justice educators--some in the classroom, some not. When we share stories about our experience with people lacking options, we open others’ eyes about realities from which many are insulated. We make inroads toward change by raising awareness and promoting compassion.

To Consider/Discuss: In what ways do you see us facilitating education and advocacy on behalf of those without options? How has this work changed you? How have your Presentation connections widened your world to include more people without options? 


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