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On behalf of the Sisters of the Presentation, the Communications Office shares with you the Presentation style guide to assist in your writings for Presentation publidcations. This style guide is based on the stylebooks of the Associated Press (book publishing guide) and the Catholic News Service (newspaper guide), with minor alterations and exceptions for Presentation-specific usage. The Communications Office stays abreast of Associated Press and Catholic News Service changes via web updates and also owns a hard copy of each stylebook, ordered annually and housed in the office. You are free to borrow either style guide at any time.

Ideally all external communications and printed materials representing the Sisters of the Presentation should be filtered through the Communications Office to ensure consistency and brand recognition. When writing, be sure all communications are written for an external audience, avoiding language not understood by all. For consistency, this style should be maintained in both internal and external publications. This guide is meant for a resource to answer most of your style and formatting questions. It is a working document and will be updated as questions arise and changes occur. Key styles are featured at the beginning of the full guide for easy reference. Below is a key style guide as well as the full style guide.

Key Style Guide 

Full Style Guide

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