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Presentation Apparel

Welcome to the Sisters of the Presentation Apparel Web Store!

LINK: http://tshirtwebstore.com/collections/sisters-of-the-presentation

Each item you choose will be embroidered with the Sisters of the Presentation logo on the left chest of each wearable and centered on the side of accessories.

Both ladies and men's styles are available. If not otherwise indicated, the style is unisex.

Items are completed generally 5-10 working days after order is placed. Choose either in-store pick up at Envision at 4099 McDonald Dr. in Dubuque (M-F 8-5:30) or Flat Rate Shipping ($5.99).

Contact Envision in Dubuque at 563-584-8000 or email info@envisiontees.com if you have any questions.

Other questions can be directed to Jane Buse at jane@dubuquepresentations.org.




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