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Administrative & Department Offices

For general inquires:
Sisters of the Presentation
2360 Carter Road
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: (563) 588-2008
Email: info@dubuquepresentations.org

Please contact any one of our offices directly for more information.

Congregational Leadership Team
Carmen Hernandez, PBVM
Email:  carmen@dubuquepresentations.org

Rita Menart, PBVM
Email:  rmenart@dubuquepresentations.org

Joy Peterson, PBVM
Email:  joy@dubuquepresentations.org

Marilyn Breen, PBVM
Email:  marilyn@dubuquepresentations.org

Administrative Team:

Director of Vocations
Jessi Beck, PBVM
Email: vocations@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Formation
Annette Kestel, PBVM
Email: formation@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Communications
Jane Buse
Email: jane@dubuquepresentations.org

Sister Lynn Marie Fangman
Email:  lynn@dubuquepresentations.org

Finance for Mission Coordinator
Chris Jackson
Email:  chris@dubuquepresentations.org

House Coordinator
Jean Lange
Email:  jean@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Maintenance 
Randy Engler
Email:  randy@dubuquepresentations.org

Partners in Mission Coordinator
Karen Tuecke
Email:  karen@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Nursing
Brenda LeMay
Email:  naglecenter@dubuquepresentations.org



Human Resources Coordinator
Kathy Roberts
Email:  humanresources@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Food Service
Lisa Behnke
Email:  foodservice@dubuquepresentations.org

Director of Housekeeping
Linda Brown
Email: housekeeping@dubuquepresentations.org

Administrative & Technology Assistant
Carol Heim
Email: carol@dubuquepresentations.org

Co-Directors of Associates
Joan Brincks, PBVM and Cindy Pfiffner
Email: associates@dubuquepresentations.org

Hermann Platt, PBVM
Email: archives@dubuquepresentations.org

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