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Our Mission

We, the Sisters of the Presentation, are Catholic women who dedicate our lives to God through evangelization, prayer, service and hospitality. Our way of life is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We share in the vision of our foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle, who dared to dream of a better world for the poor, sick and uneducated of Ireland. We commit ourselves to the empowerment of women and children. We reverence and celebrate all creation as gift. We commit ourselves to confronting injustice and working for peace. As we continue to keep Nano’s dream alive, we are pleased to share our mission with you.

Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of the Presentation, are called to evangelize, offering hope and love to our broken world by incarnating the hospitality of God, confronting injustice and working for peace.

Direction Statement

Rooted in the Gospel, inspired by Nano Nagle, and united to Presentation Sisters and Associates around the world through the International Presentation Association, we, the Sisters of the Presentation of Dubuque, Iowa, are called to live our charism of radical hospitality in kinship with Earth and all people.


We promise to live radical hospitality in all relationships, especially with people made poor, through our commitment to contemplation, service, advocacy, dialogue, communication and education.

We promise to practice non-violence of mind and heart, speech and action as we address injustice directly and systemically.

We promise to form partnerships and utilize resources for the purpose of mission.

We promise to implement governance practices that foster dialogue and communication in decision-making.


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