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Our Mission

We, the Sisters of the Presentation and
our associates, dedicate our lives to
God through evangelization, prayer,
service and hospitality. Our way of life
is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nano Nagle's lantern light
shines today.
Partner in mission with us!


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Sister Spotlight Posted Each Week
This week, Sister Josita Zieser enjoys having her blood sister, Sister Dolores, in religious life with her. Follow this link to watch our Sister Spotlights.



  • Public Statement of Immigration
    The Sisters of the Presentation release a public statement of immigration emphasizing their belief to welcome the stranger and care for the most vulnerable among us.
  • Resources for Lent 2017
    We offer you some resources to help deepen your spirituality and your relationship with God during this Lenten season.
  • Feel Like Volunteering?
    April 28, 2017
    We invite you to participate in a Dubuque service event during National Volunteer Week.
  • CARMA Conference 2017
    April 29, 2017
    Retreat for Sisters and Associates
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